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My CBD journey began in 2016, as my wife was suffering with serious health issues and the treatments left her suffering from anxiety and insomnia. I felt hopeless, until I started researching alternative medicine and natural remedies, eventually hearing about an all-natural wonder stuff, straight from nature’s medicine cabinet – CBD!

Cannabidiol (or CBD for short) has a whole host of medical benefits, from anti-inflammatory and anxiety reducing effects to benefits that haven’t even been discovered yet. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I dived into the world of CBD and searched for the purest form available to mix into medicine to help my wife and maybe other people too.

After weeks of research, I mixed up an early version of our tincture oil that was able to help my wife recover from her insomnia and anxiety, and I knew I had something amazing. With a little more tweaking, I refined my product, found a high-quality supplier of CBD oil, and established Vicii Botanicals to share this amazing stuff with everyone who needed it!

Our Promise

All our products are THC free, so they are completely legal in the UK and offer all-natural health benefits, making them ideal for sportspeople and those with an active lifestyle. We work hard to ensure that all our products are manufactured to the highest standards and aim to deliver high-quality products with fantastic service at a great price: That’s the Vicii Botanicals promise!

Our CBD oil is sourced from an organic farm in Colorado, USA so we can guarantee that all our products are:

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